Life in SXM (Saint Martin/Sint Maarten) The Friendly Island

Every time I told someone “I loved my work” or “I like being at the office,” I’d get some pretty weird stares. Most people just work for the sake of working, but I’ve had an exciting career path in my life so far; I’ve taken on marketing roles, accounting positions, and even spent a year teaching English in a foreign country. I wanted to do something I loved, which sometimes meant leaving behind a seemingly good job. I put a lot of emphasis on making sure I love whatever I’m doing in life. I’ve always wanted to work in an engaging environment, a place where I actually liked my coworkers. A place I was constantly growing and being challenged, somewhere I wouldn’t get bored.

That’s exactly what I got with my team. Funny enough, it was a part-time role that quickly turned into a full-time one within a few months. A quick shout-out here to the amazing “Big B.” I’ve never worked with someone like him before, and it was a huge shock; I never had a boss that not only cared about what you did at work, but how you were doing outside of work. Having the opportunity to grow and take on new roles and challenges with his support has made this job worthwhile. I wasn’t placed in a box, in one position. I had the opportunity to let my passions and talents shine in more ways than one.

No one else can tell you what should make you happy. That’s something you need to figure out for yourself.

If I was planning on spending most of my life working, it had to be for something that I loved. I was looking for a lifestyle, not just a job, something I was happy to wake up for every day. This is why I was alright leaving previous jobs, no matter what other people thought. I had to find a way to my true calling because I had no other option; I had to.

Our little team is like a family. So when COVID hit, we were all working from home, and we missed each other. We closed down our office in February 2021, and now we’re in SXM working on a unique and exciting project.

If you watched my latest YouTube video, “Life in SXM,” I gave you a rundown of how my first few weeks here had been. It was hot and humid the second we landed on the island. A coworker of mine who’d been here for a month already had said it was an unusually hot day. As I hustled and bustled my suitcases to the car, I thought to myself, “Oh my god, is this really happening? I’ve never been to the Caribbeans, but here I am in SXM for the next few months.” It felt like that time I went to Japan for a year; I didn’t speak the language, got dropped off at my Japanese apartment, no internet setup, and was told that I had to be at work at 8 am the next morning. I stood alone in the apartment and realized, “Damn, I’m here for a year. This will be interesting.”

I loved my Japan experience; the country has a close place in my heart (I grew up watching anime, studied Karate for ten years, and lived there for a year). I had the best adventure in Japan, every day I was on a trip exploring a new part of the country. What I thought was amazing was visiting every city on the Shizuka Prefecture JR train line. But SXM is different; I’m not alone. I am here with my team, which might explain why I’m comfortable here, which could be a good thing and a bad thing.

So within 30 minutes of us landing and dropping off our bags, we were back at the airport to pick a business partner. That’s how it was the first week, meeting after meeting, being driven around while experiencing everything for the first time. That’s why it felt like a blur. The second week, we had fewer meetings but for some reason it felt like it flew by just as fast.

It wasn’t until the third week, when I bought a notebook, that I started really getting settled here. I have this thing where every morning, I write down my to-do list, what I’m excited about, and something I’d like to improve on. I didn’t have a journal my first two weeks in SXM, and I was all over the place. I’d lost my daily routine.

While SXM is a great place with many tourist attractions, I can’t wait to see the real SXM. I’m still in my newbie phase of Caribbean life; according to a local, I just haven’t emerged myself fully yet.

There are aspects of my old life in Canada that I miss, of course. I’m a homebody, and I miss hanging out with family and friends, watching shows, playing games, and just making jokes with them.

All we have in life is our memories, and I hope to make some great ones here in SXM.

Till the next blog, sending you love on your journey.

Queen Oz

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