It’s Queen Oz

It’s Queen Oz. Photography is something that I kind of just fell into. When I was in grade 9, my parents surprised me with a camera. It was an old-school Sony camcorder that had just come out with HD; back then, that was amazing. Now, I never asked for a camera; I never even thought about photography. However, my mother said she saw my passion, even if I never said it. She wanted me to pursue my passion and unlock my full potential. So she went to Sears (RIP) and bought me the latest camcorder they had.

Growing up as the first grandchild with “the family name,” I was kind of a celebrity baby in my family. My grandfather was a photographer, so of course, he took pictures of me every day of my life. My brother got jealous once when he noticed there were more photos of me as a kid than him. To top it off, my aunts would love to dress me up like a doll every day (I was a fashionista). This is probably why I didn’t really like being in pictures most of my life growing up.

I actually fell in love with videography before photography. I loved watching movies growing up, and I always wanted to know how they filmed them. What feels like my entire life, I’ve known that I wanted to make videos. I even started entering film festivals.

I went into Marketing as a profession, but I continued to do photography and videography on the side. Soon I found a way to include my passions into my day job.

While working as a Marketing Coordinator with the UN division in Canada, I casually told them about my photography and videography skills. One day, they mentioned they’d lost their videographer for the UN Summit trip, and I was asked to fly out the next day to fill in. At first, I was like, “What? Fly to New York tomorrow morning, for two days?” I was still the new kid. Of course, I couldn’t refuse! During that trip, I set up, recorded and edited interviews with CEOs; it was an incredible experience.

Every day I’m working on my craft! I am a photographer and proud to say I followed in my grandfather’s footsteps.

I’m Queen Oz ❤️

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